Why become a member!

NHACC is the only organization specifically serving the needs of conservation commissions in New Hampshire.

At NHACC we offer guidance and training to our conservation commissioners on a variety of issues on conservation funding, natural resource inventory, and many other issues. We help educate our members with programs like Lunch & Learn and the in-depth Community Conservation Cohort training.

We offer great benefits to our members including:

·         Learn more about what NHACC is.

·         Need information, ideas, or advice? Members always get first priority.

·         Get connected with our member e-news.

·         Lunch & Learn online training programs

·         Research topics using our Members Info Library.

·         Click here to read about the benefits of NHACC Membership for your commission.

Most importantly, your membership in NHACC helps build a stronger New Hampshire conservation community.

NHACC exists to support the work of conservation commissions and to create a climate where they can be successful. Let us be your resource for conservation projects in your community.

Thank you for all that you do for conservation in New Hampshire!