Regional Events for Commissions


Regional Roundtables

NHACC and Cheshire County Conservation District host a conservation commission gathering every fall to provide networking opportunities and a chance to connect with neighbors.

The Ausbon Sargent Land Preservation Trust hosts a regional roundtable with conservation commissions in their service areas. Conservation Commission chairs from the 12-town region gather to discuss the issues and topics important to their towns. A forum to get advice and ideas from others who are doing similar things in nearby towns. The roundtable is held in the fall and again in the spring.

The Cheshire County Conservation District CC Roundtable is held annually in the fall. Conservation commissions from Cheshire County meet to discuss conservation-related issues and impacts on their towns and how they can work together to promote natural resource protection.

The Seacoast Roundtable meets every other month in Hampton to review emerging issues and share best practices. The seacoast towns work together on conservation planning and how to address increasing development as well as local concerns like sea-level rise and increased flooding.

The Upper Valley Land Trust hosts a regional roundtable each winter to check in with the towns along the Connecticut River. The UVLT works closely with local conservation commissions to identify and prioritize land conservation opportunities in their region.

The Milton Conservation Commission hosts the Regional Open Space Team (ROST) for commissions in the lower Merrimack Valley region. This roundtable focuses on topics of interest to the lower Merrimack region and provides the opportunity to share best practices.

Contact NHACC to host a roundtable and for more information on regional events in your area.