Education & Training Opportunities

At NHACC we offer guidance and training to our conservation commissioners on a variety of issues including conservation funding, developing  natural resource inventory, and many other topics. We help educate our members with programs like the on-line Lunch & Learn presentations, Regional Roundtables and our electronic newsletter, NHACC Enews.

NHACC Health & Climate Webinar Series

NHACC has partnered with NH Healthcare Workers for Climate Action to present a webinar series designed to increase awareness of a changing climate on our physical and mental health. This series will outline the health impacts caused by climate change, how to improve access to natural areas for all populations, how these areas can serve as tool for improving physical health, and how conserving natural areas can serve as a way to improve mental and spiritual health. Contact to sign up.


Climate and Health 101 

Wednesday, April 24, 2024, 12 noon to 1 pm, Zoom

Robert Dewey, MD

Environmental Justice and Health

Wednesday, May 8, 2024, 12 noon, Zoom

Semra Aytur, PhD, MPH

Preserving Open Space: Promoting Spiritual and Mental Health

Wednesday, May 29, 2024, 12 noon to 1 pm, zoom

Robert Feder, MD and Christine Tappan, MSW, CAGS, CWMF


NHACC Wetlands Ecology Workshop for
Conservation Commissioners

Nottingham, NH June 14, 2024 8:30am to 4:30pm

Leader: Mark West, West Environmental

This full day field workshop will explore a variety of wetland plant communities and wildlif habitat. We will learn about what functions these wetlands provide and how these wetlands fit into the broader landscape of wildlife habitat. This course will cover assessment of plant communities, soils, hydrology, rare plant communities and habitat for wildlife species. We will learn about wetland resource mapping used by NHDES including what a Priority Fesources Area is and how that determines permitting.

Wetlands are among the most biologically diverse, productive, and unique habitats on earth. No part of our landscape provides so many benefits at so little cost to the public. Wetlands play a role in flood control, water quality maintenance and improvement, groundwater discharge and recharge, shoreline stabilization, fish and wildlife habitat, recreation, and education.

Wetlands sessions 1 through 5 from last year can be found on the NHACC YouTube Channel.

Handbooks and Guidance Documents

We publish the Handbook for New Hampshire’s Municipal Conservation Commissions, and the NH Municipal Conservation Fund Guidebook. We keep our members up-to-date with monthly E-newsletter with a current list of training opportunities. We provide wetlands guidance documents and sample templates for policies and procedures. Contact the NHACC office if you are looking for examples from other conservation commissions.