Member Resource Library

The resource library on our members section is designed especially for conservation
commissioners to help you achieve your local conservation goals.

This resource library is packed with information both created and curated by the New Hampshire Association of Conservation Commissions. If you do not find what you are looking for, you can contact the NHACC office for more detailed documents and examples from other commissions. We encourage our members to add to the growing list of resources and sample documents. Remember that we can all learn from each other and share best practices and guidelines. We welcome additional examples of policy and procedures so please send us your sample documents.

Each topic category listed below will take you to a more complete list of resources, information and helpful links. The topics were developed to help commission members navigate through the resource page and find example documents quickly. To make sure the information is manageable, we have selected more general information and documents for our website. If you need more specific examples or more detailed documents, please contact the NHACC office.

Organizational Resources

Organizational Resources

Learn more about best practices and procedures for conservation commissions.


NRI and Conservation Plans

Find out how to develop a natural resource inventory and how to use this information to build a conservation plan.

Legislation and The Law

Legislation and the law

Learn more about conservation commission enabling legislation and find relevant RSAs.

Local Regulation

Local Regulation

Find out how commissions can get involved in drafting local ordinances and zoning regulations.

Land Regulation

Land Conservation-

Explore your options for protecting land in your community.

Land Management

Stewardship and Land Management-

Learn how your commission can enhance wildlife habitat and protect biodiversity on town conservation land.

Education and Outreach

Outreach and Education

Discover opportunities help to educate citizens about environmental issues and better communicate with other boards and the public.

Water Resources

Protecting Water Resources

Learn how your commission can protect water quality and conserve wetlands.