NHACC is a nonprofit conservation organization that provides education and assistance to New Hampshire's local conservation commissions.



Conservation Commissions do?

Conservation commissions are local conservation volunteers who work to study and protect natural resources.

Conservation commissions are very active in New Hampshire!

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You Can Help.

Invest In Your Local Community.
Consider Land Conservation.
And Above All - VOTE!

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Conservation News and Events

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3/28/13 Emerald Ash Borer Found in Concord

The emerald ash borer, a federally regulated, non-native insect that kills ash trees was found in Concord New Hampshire.

Public meetings are scheduled to educate the public about emerald ash borer background and biology; the Concord detection and ongoing delimitation survey; regulated materials and quarantined area; and available management tools.
 April 24, Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest, Thornton, 6 – 8 p.m.
 May 2, NH Fire Academy auditorium, 98 Smokey Bear Blvd., Concord, 1 – 3 p.m.
 May 2, NH Fire Academy auditorium, 98 Smokey Bear Blvd., Concord, 6 – 8 p.m.

For more information and EAB news.

If you have a suspect ash tree or insect, report it online.

3/29/13 Legislative Update

SB 102 (local option to elect conservation commissioners) has passed the Senate and is now in the House Municipal & County Government Committee. There will be an executive session on Tuesday, April 30th at 10:30 in Room 301 of the Legislative Office Building. No testimony will be heard at this session. NHACC is opposed to this legislation.

SB 124 has passed the Senate with amendment. It is now in the Resources, Recreation & Development Committee in the House.

HB 513 has passed the House with amendment. The Energy & Natural Resources Committee in the Senate has recommended passage with amendment which includes this language:

"The commissioner or his or her designee may, for cause, enter upon any subject land or parcel at any reasonable time [after written notification], provided he or she has obtained the oral or written permission of the property owner, attempted to notify the property owner or his or her agent either orally or in writing 24 hours prior to entry, or has observed, or received credible evidence of, the occurrence of activities regulated by this chapter that may impact water quality, to perform oversight and enforcement duties provided for in this chapter."

The House Finance Committee recommended LCHIP funding at $5 million for the biennium. This is the same amount included in Governor Hassan’s budget.

Click here for the status of these bills and many more.

1/1/13 Congress passes enhanced easement incentive

Congress has passed a fiscal cliff deal that renews the enhanced income tax deduction for conservation easements through 2013, and retroactive to the beginning of 2012.

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4/12/12 HB 514 amendment passes Senate with just a couple of tweaks

HB 514 was recently amended in committee (no hearings were held on this new language), and this version headed for the Senate floor on April 18th. The amendment focuses specifically on conservation commissions.

Click here for the language passed by the Senate as an addition to RSA 36-A:4 Powers.

The House and Senate have now passed very different versions of this bill and will need to come to agreement about language.

2/16/12 DES Updated Permit Application Forms

In an effort to provide a higher quality, more streamlined permitting process for the regulated public, most Land Resources Management Programs (Alteration of Terrain Bureau, Subsurface Systems Bureau, Wetlands Bureau and the Shoreland Program) have updated their permit application forms.  If you provide permit applications to the public or submit permit applications to DES, please take a moment to discard old permit application forms and ensure you have the newest versions.  All current application forms are available at their respective DES web pages and have a revision date of 01/01/2012 located within the footnote.    As of April 1, 2012, the Land Resources Management Programs will no longer be accepting outdated permit application forms.  Going forward, all LRMP application forms will be simultaneously updated every 6 months.

Land Resources Management, a subsection of the Water Division, coordinates communication and resources across those bureaus and programs that regulate land development projects that may impact state aquatic resources. For more information, please visit the NH DES Land Resources Management web page at:  http://des.nh.gov/organization/divisions/water/lrm/index.htm.

Community Gardens are Growing in NH!

Conservation Commissions are managing some of NH’s community gardens. Check out UNH Cooperative Extension’s Community Gardens Page by clicking here.

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