NHACC is a nonprofit conservation organization that provides education and assistance to New Hampshire's local conservation commissions.



Conservation Commissions do?

Conservation commissions are local conservation volunteers who work to study and protect natural resources.

Conservation commissions are very active in New Hampshire!

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You Can Help.

Invest In Your Local Community.
Consider Land Conservation.
And Above All - VOTE!

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Conservation News and Events

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Field Trip 101 (You Can Lead a Guided Hike!) and Speaking for Wildlife Training

The Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests, UNH Cooperative Extension and NH Audubon are co-sponsoring a free volunteer training on February 1 to provide participants with the basics of planning and executing a guided nature walk and/or delivering a walking talk. Follow this link for more information.

NH Energy Facility Siting Report Available

The report for the state's Energey Facility Siting process, including the feedback from the focus groups and citizen workshops has been delivered to the Governor and Legislature. It is available on the NH Office of Energy and Planning website

11/20/13 Citizen Input needed on Siting Energy Facilities

Your input is needed to determine whether to change the Site Evaluation Committee's process for permitting large energy projects. Workshops to gather citizen input are scheduled for several locations in New Hampshire. Click here for more information.

Your Assistance is Needed to Determine Which Conservation Commission Came First

50 years go the NH Legislature passed the enabling legislation for conservation commissions. Towns began forming commissions the following year.

We need your help: When did your community vote to form a conservation commission? Were you the first? Is your commission the newest in the state? To celebrate this important milestone, we'll display copies of your warrant articles at the NHACC Annual Meeting. 

Please contact the NHACC office if you don't know what year to start; we have an idea of when most commissions started. You'll need to research the town reports from the year of formation and the following year. Send us a photocopy or scan of the warrant language (year of passage) and any related discussion (minutes of the previous year's meeting). 

You can send us the documents in two ways: Email us scans of the relevant pages or snail mail copies to NHACC, 54 Porstmouth Street, Concord, NH 03301.

Have fun and thanks for your help!

7/1/13 LCHIP Funding Success!

Finally the Land and Community Heritage Investment Program will be fully funded! LCHIP can get back to its important work. Read more here.

US Supreme Court Decision

The June 25th US Supreme Court Decision in the KOONTZ v. ST. JOHNS RIVER WATER MANAGEMENT DISTRICT case leaves many questions for municipalities. Vermont Law School Professor John D. Echeverria "......the decision in Koontz v. St. Johns River Water Management District will result in long-lasting harm to America’s communities. That’s because the ruling creates a perverse incentive for municipal governments to reject applications from developers rather than attempt to negotiate project designs that might advance both public and private goals — and it makes it hard for communities to get property owners to pay to mitigate any environmental damage they may cause." Read the full article: New York Times Opinion Pages.

SB 102 is dead!

The House just voted to kill Senate Bill 102 (local option to elect conservation commissioners). Representative Belanger from Hollis did a beautiful job presenting the committee's recommendation to kill this bill. Thank you for contacting your legislators about this bill.

3/28/13 Emerald Ash Borer Found in Concord

The emerald ash borer, a federally regulated, non-native insect that kills ash trees was found in Concord New Hampshire.

Public meetings are scheduled to educate the public about emerald ash borer background and biology; the Concord detection and ongoing delimitation survey; regulated materials and quarantined area; and available management tools.
 April 24, Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest, Thornton, 6 – 8 p.m.
 May 2, NH Fire Academy auditorium, 98 Smokey Bear Blvd., Concord, 1 – 3 p.m.
 May 2, NH Fire Academy auditorium, 98 Smokey Bear Blvd., Concord, 6 – 8 p.m.

For more information and EAB news.

If you have a suspect ash tree or insect, report it online.

3/29/13 Legislative Update

SB 102 (local option to elect conservation commissioners) has passed the Senate and is now in the House Municipal & County Government Committee. There will be an executive session on Tuesday, April 30th at 10:30 in Room 301 of the Legislative Office Building. No testimony will be heard at this session. NHACC is opposed to this legislation.

SB 124 has passed the Senate with amendment. It is now in the Resources, Recreation & Development Committee in the House.

HB 513 has passed the House with amendment. The Energy & Natural Resources Committee in the Senate has recommended passage with amendment which includes this language:

"The commissioner or his or her designee may, for cause, enter upon any subject land or parcel at any reasonable time [after written notification], provided he or she has obtained the oral or written permission of the property owner, attempted to notify the property owner or his or her agent either orally or in writing 24 hours prior to entry, or has observed, or received credible evidence of, the occurrence of activities regulated by this chapter that may impact water quality, to perform oversight and enforcement duties provided for in this chapter."

The House Finance Committee recommended LCHIP funding at $5 million for the biennium. This is the same amount included in Governor Hassan’s budget.

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1/1/13 Congress passes enhanced easement incentive

Congress has passed a fiscal cliff deal that renews the enhanced income tax deduction for conservation easements through 2013, and retroactive to the beginning of 2012.

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