What Does NHACC Do?

The NH Association of Conservation Commissions is a nonprofit conservation organization that provides education and assistance to New Hampshire's local conservation commissions. We are funded primarily by conservation commissions dues and grants.

Our mission: To foster conservation and appropriate use of New Hampshire's natural resources by providing assistance to conservation commissions, facilitating communication and cooperation among commissions, and helping to create a climate in which commissions can be successful.

NHACC has been working to strengthen conservation commissions since 1970. Through training, online resources, and regional networking programs for our members, we continue to share success stories and best practices to increase efficiency, build knowledge and develop leadership. NH has 216 Conservation Commissions with over 1,500 individual volunteer commissioners. These commissioners are charged with the protection of the natural resources in their community.

NHACC provides important support to these local volunteers through training and educational opportunities. We're the only organization providing specific programs and support to our state's municipal conservation commissions.

We also publish educational materials and provide programs: We publish the Handbook for New Hampshire’s Municipal Conservation Commissions, our executive director co-authored the NH Municipal Conservation Fund Guidebook, and we hold a very popular annual conference on the first Saturday in November. The conference offers dozens of workshops and field trips.

NHACC represents our members in the legislature and on state committees advocating for environmentally responsible legislation and rulemaking to make sure their voice is heard. Most importantly, NHACC helps build a stronger New Hampshire conservation community.


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