NHACC was pleased to present a wide selection of 24 workshops this year.  If you would like to view workshop material, select the highlighted topics below for more information. Attendees could select a total of three workshop during the conference, one from each session listed below. This year's workshops were divided into three different sessions, each an hour and 15 minutes long. 

This year we offered several "Fundamentals" workshops to build upon the traditional Conservation Commission 101 workshop. The Fundamentals workshops cover some of the essential topics that conservation commissioners will deal with in their work. These sessions are ideal for both new conservation commissioners and those looking to brush up on their skills and see what's new in the field. 

The workshop schedule from 2017 is outlined below. Select the highlighted topics for additional program information. To learn more about each session and its presenters, download the Session Descriptions and Presenter Bios:

Session A Descriptions | Session B Descriptions | Session C Descriptions

Presenter Bios 

Please note that seating is limited. If a workshop you would like to attend is full, please review the other workshops and select another choice.  On the day of the conference, we will provide a small number of extra seats for each classroom to help accommodate any drop-ins for popular sessions. Registered attendees will be given first priority seating over drop-ins.


Workshop Session A Session B Session C
  10:15 am - 11:30 am 12:45 - 2:00  pm 2:15 - 3:30 pm


Room 1003 

Fundamentals of Conservation Commissions;  Tracy Tarr and Zack Boyajian, NHACC Board of Directors   

Getting Grants, Ben Daviss, Grantwriter

Revising the NHACC Handbook--Share your Ideas; Carol Andrews NHACC


Room 1004

DES Wetlands Protection and Enforcement; Jay Aube, DES Land Resources Management Outreach

Conservation Planning for Water Resource Protection

Peter Steckler The Nature Conservancy

Protecting Natural Resources through Zoning and Groundwater Reclassification; Pierce Rigrod, NHDES


Room 1012

Wetlands Wildlife and Ecology; Emily Preston, NH Fish & Game

Bats Conservation and Forestry; Jesse Mohr, Native Geographic

Wildlife Corridors and Road Crossing; Pete Steckler, The Nature Conservancy 


Room 1021

Conservation Easements: from the Beginning; Tom Howe Society for the Protection of NH Forests  

How to Monitor Conservation Easements; Reagan Bissonnette and Leah, Society for the Protection of NH Forests

How to Address Easement Violations; Reagan Bissonnette Society for the Protection of NH Forests


Room 1022

Climate Change In NH: Connecting the Dots; Sherry Godlewski , NHDES  

Actions to Protect Natural Resources in a Changing Climate; Lisa Graichen and Amanda Stone, UNH Cooperative Extension and NH Sea Grant

Climate Change in New Hampshire: Science, Sophistry, and Solutions; Dan Weeks, ReVision Energy


Room 1026

Siting Trails with Wildlife Considerations in Mind; Jim Oehler, State Lands Habitat Biologist and Rachel Stevens Stewardship Coordinator NH Fish & Game Department

OHRV use of Town Land; Captain David Walsh, NH Fish & Game

Introduction to Trail Finder;                 Emma Tutein, UNH Cooperative Extension


Room 1027

The Nuts and Bolts of Managing Town and Community Forests; Wendy Scribner, UNH Cooperative Extension

Students Partner with Local Conservation Commissions; Sarah Sallade, Hollis Montessori School 

Conservation Planning and Community Engagement; Jeff Littleton, Moosewood Ecological


Room 1030

Working with the Legislature; Rep. Amanda Gourgue, NHACC Board and Rep. Judith Spang

Open Space Committee Best Practices; Amy Manzelli, BCM Environmental & Land Law

Wetland Bureau Rules and Policy Update; Mary Ann Tilton, NH DES




BCM Environmental and Land Law




NH Conservation Real Estate


Ben Daviss, Grant Writer
Ecosystems Management Consultants
Ideal Concrete Block Co.
Kane Conservation
Land Stewardship, Turners Falls, MA
Marc Jacobs, CWS
New England Environmental, Inc.
NH Association of Natural Resource Scientists
Ransmeier & Spellman
Society for the Protection of NH Forests
Voices of Wildlife NH
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